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Indeed, always dream.
to Andrea Macri

Indeed, always dream.
Wishing I could lift the distance,
to pat you in the back,
to never push you,
but to be behind your desires,

It's the dessert that calls you.
That other type of island,
where there is less solitude.
Shouts, not murmurs,
where the stars walk the earth.

Indeed,always keep me.
As I will keep you.
With only a few minutes,
not precise.
An idea, to get to know
who you are.

It's the sun who calls me,
in it's light I will teach you
how to be old and have grace.
How to be yourself
but in another place.
To be young until you are wrinkled.

In the west coast,
or in that place surrounded by water
We will always meet.
Around the sunset
or maybe,
floating in the sea.


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